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After a fairly extensive vendor search, I’ve been quite fortunate to have found a partner in LPI. Sourcing production facilities off-shore can be fraught with risks and uncertainties, but I have felt confident from the start working with LPI. It is clear that David has the breadth and depth of experience that is so important in getting “all the little things” right. The reality for me was that I needed to find an off-shore factory but still wanted to have a domestic contact, someone with whom I could communicate easily and effectively. Not only has LPI been available and responsive, but it is clear that David has been advocate on our behalf since the start of the relationship. Responsiveness, accuracy and consistency have been part of the equation from the start.

Having worked in manufacturing for the past 20 years, I’ve come to appreciate the value of a “first time right” mentality. This is particularly important when sourcing off-shore suppliers. To date, LPI have consistently demonstrated the mindset of getting things done correctly the first time.

This is my second product/project and I only wish that I had found LPI the first time around. Working with David and LPI, I have every confidence that what I’ve asked for is what I will get, according to the schedule, and without surprises.

Tim McManus

“Instead of the usual “over promise and under deliver”, David Okun is detail oriented and leaves nothing to chance. He knows when to say no which means if David says he can help you with your project, you can count on it. I highly recommend David and his company L.P. International.”

Dan Roman
President of Roman Sales