Printed Circuit Boards

When it comes to PC Board supply L.P. International has the answer.

Below you will find our Manufacturing Capability now and what is currently under development and near completion. Make note of our Material List & Applications. Our Quality Assurance System is applied to arrival of material and components, while boards are in process and when completed. Quality and reliability are our hallmark.

Material List & Application
FR-4 General Electronic Product
FR-5 Burn-in board, Power supply
BT PBGA, Burn-in, IC Card
Polyimide 85N Military, Burn-in, Power supply
Exposy 45N Back Plane, Burn-in, BGA…
Aluminum Power Supply, Motor Engine
Teflon RF, LNB, LNA, Base Station
Duroid RF, LNB, LNA, Base Station
RO3003/4003 RF, LNB, LNA, Base Station


Manufacturing Capability
Technology  Description Now Under
Minimum Trace/Space  (inner/outer) 5/5 mils 4/4 mils
Minimum Finished Hole Diameter 10 mils 6 mils
Maximum Aspect Ratio 8:1 10:1
Minimum Board Thickness – 4 layer 16 mils 12 mils
Minimum Board Thickness – 6 layer 24 mils 22 mils
Maximum Board Thickness 125 mils 125 mils
Minimum/Maximum Layer 2/16 up to 20
Minimum SMT Device Pitch 12 mils 10 mils
Minimum SMT Device Land Width 8 mils 6 mils
Board Flatness Tolerance 0.7% 0.5%
Layer to Layer Reg.  Tolerance 5  mils 4  mils
Impedance 10% 8%
Entek/Gold Plating Yes Yes


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