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L.P. International is your “connection” for Pin, Phone, Speaker and Ear Phone Jacks, AC Sockets, DC Power Jacks, Optical Emission & RF Connectors.

Our ISO9002 factory will provide the very highest in quality and value.

When it comes to Remote Control Transmitters just send us your specifications and quantities. Whether for garage, car, or stereo we can quote your requirement.

If it’s Transformers or Ballasts L.P. International will “wrap” your requirements just the way you ask. Electrical Cords, Cables and Wiring Devices in Bakelite and ceramic are also available.

Found the manufacturing process, product or service you need?

David is ready to receive your call, e-mail, CAD & E- Drawings, Prints and photos. Contact him and start your project with the knowledge you are working with a Product Developer and Project Manager with over thirty years experience.

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