Frequently Asked Questions

What are L.P. International’s core strengths?

LPI is a domestic tube & metal fabricator/job shop and a direct importer from China, Taiwan, Europe and Mexico.

How long have you been in business?

LPI was founded in 1929 as a component parts supplier to the OEM manufacturer. LPI has been a metal fabricator since the late 1950’s and a direct importer for over 35 years.

What differentiates you from your competitors?

LPI has the unique ability to develop fabricated components and turn key products both in the United States and abroad. By so doing LPI can assist engineers, designers and product development teams to get from “print to finished product” while at the same time offering sales and purchasing teams economies of scale by sourcing through offshore trading partners.

How does LPI insure the specifications and integrity of my proprietary product?

The answer is in the definition. Define, define and define your product. Our efficiency when kicking off a project is directly proportionate to the quality and accuracy of the prints and samples we receive. The integrity of customer property is our number one priority. The confidentiality of your product has to be protected. Our experience teaches us creating faith and trust will ensure a long lasting business relationship.

How can LPI be competitive Nationally especially shipping to the East Coast, Mid West and the South?

When it comes to volume customers the answer is in the load. We quote full containers delivered to your doc. If a customer requires domestic stocking we have the necessary warehouse space to facilitate backup stock and JIT programs. Our internal structure provides a total package of goods and services that creates value across the board!

How can I be sure once orders are placed they will be shipped in a timely fashion?

Customer service is among our highest priorities. We have a double server system in our manufacturing and office facilities that provides access to “real time information” on goods in process. Our import and customer service team are in contact with our trading partners and manufacturing personnel on a daily basis. Our goal is to provide accurate information as quickly as possible.

What would key customers’ say about your company?

“A key to L.P. International’s success is their willingness to work to customer specification on an exclusive and proprietary basis as well as providing cataloged products ‘off the shelf’.

In a single phrase, tell me what your goal is today?

To become your long term, ‘One Stop Global Shop’.”


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